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By Laura, Jul 29 2017 05:16AM

So you’re getting married, Congrats!

For most brides this be one of the biggest, most expensive & stressful events of their entire lives.

There’s so many things to organise from reception venue, celebrant, makeup artist, limo supplier, florist, photographer, band or DJ, catering, guest numbers, bridesmaids, “the dress” and the list endlessly goes on and on.

Something that has become super popular throughout Melbourne in recent years with wedding and party organisers is photo booth hire.

Gone are the days of the early 2000’s before smart phone when cheap, low quality disposable cameras were splayed across a number of wedding guests tables.

Today hiring a photo booth for your wedding provides an affordable option that will ensure your guests are kept entertained all night long and also giving them a keepsake of your reception at the same time!

The hireable photobooths industry has boomed in recent years, especially in Melbourne and has realised photo booths can be the key to avoiding boring wedding embarrassment.

Have you ever been to a wedding reception where you were stationed at a table all night with a bunch of people you barely know?

Photobooths for hire in Melbourne give people the chance to get up and get interacting with each other in a fun environment, they supply an instant unlimited double copy of prints and also offer a massive range of super entertaining props for people to use in their happy snaps.

They get people of all ages enjoying the chance to pose like a champion with family and friends.

Booths also double as a great baby sitter as kids are gravitated towards them and they will spend hours lining up for a pic and sorting through all the dress up options available (parents obviously love this).

There is a scrap book available for guests to glue a copy of their printstrip in the book and write a nice (or not so nice) message to their newlywed friends for the couple to look back on for years to come.

With modern technology there is also no need to run down to the local photo printer shop to have your pics developed (hard to believe it used to be the way!) and all the high def images of the night are transferred onto a USB drive and handed over to clients after the event so they can scroll through the images at will, share on social media forums or even have special generational family shots enhanced and printed for later framing.

Out of all the things future brides and grooms will invest in for their big occasion, photo booths will be very high up on the list of supplies that give them the best bang for your buck and entire night wedding photo booth hire packages are now as affordable as ever!

So if you’re lucky enough to be planning a wedding, be sure to contact a local photo booth supplier.

By Laura, Apr 26 2017 03:32AM

Event planners need to be careful when picking a venue because it will have a profound influence on the outcome. Gather pertinent information from all of your options so that you can compare them. Make sure to include the following in your inquiries:

1. Available Dates

This is particularly important if you are trying to book a popular place as slots can quickly run out. Those who have decided on a fixed date may have to cross out a lot of venues because of scheduling, while those who are more flexible can try to work around the limitations.

2. Setup Time Allocation

Venues don't get ready in a snap. Setup often requires overnight decoration and this has to be stated in the contract. Make sure that you are given enough time to install all of your materials. The same should be true when packing up after the event.

3. Fees and Hidden Costs

You want to deal with a transparent venue hire Melbourne partner, especially when it comes to the costs. Find out what the advertised rates include. These may be the barebones cost with the fees for cleaning, liability, security, and other important elements being payable as add-ons. Beware as these can amount to a large amount.

4. Contact Persons

Planning an event is a long process and a lot of the plans can change along the way. You should have a dependable contact person who you can throw all your questions to and help you find solutions to any problems. This person should ideally be present on the day of the event itself.

5. Decoration Policies

Your creativity may run into some problems if everything is not sorted out early on. Be clear on what's permitted and what's barred from use in the premises. For instance, you may want to have a lot of lighted candles but the management bans any fire hazards. Clear this up right away.

6. Recommended Suppliers

If the venue is in a secluded location, then you might have trouble bringing materials over. Ask if there are any suppliers nearby that can provide the things that you need, as well as local talents who may be able to help.

7. Sound System

Familiarize yourself with the sound system. Is it good enough for a guest DJ to use? How will you be playing music? How loud can it get? Will bands have ample stage space to work with?

8. Privacy Measures

For big venues, an event may be limited to one section while the rest remains open to the public. Check how they will be able to maintain the privacy for the occasion and prevent party crashers.

9. Licensing Times

Be clear about the time when the event should be finished. Avoid abrupt endings and respect the schedule because another group might be using the venue after you.

10. Catering Company

Some places let people bring their own caterers but most will ask you to pick from a list of accredited businesses. Check their menus and their rates. Think about what your guests might like. Ask ahead for dietary restrictions so that you can prepare in advance.

Click here to find: Wedding venues in Melbourne

By Laura, Jan 13 2017 02:33AM

You should ensure that you only select the best caterer available within your budget. Statistics, based on research conducted on the third quarter of 2011 reveals that couples are spending an approximately $36,200 on weddings and that spend a major part of that sum on caterers.

Tips on selecting a caterer

Although you have a wide range of caterers to select from, you should ensure that they have the culinary knowledge required to prepare outstanding party food to make the special day memorable for your guests. The three basics that you should check for are experience, understanding, as well as ability.

Experience: Make sure that the caterer you choose has been in the field for a long time and has had catered for different types of events. The professional should be able to handle any problems professionally, as well have the foresight to detect them before they occur. A professional will use his experience to determine the approximate amount of food required depending on your invitee list, and prepare a bit more in case someone has more than normal diet.

Understanding: Creativity along with understanding the needs of the client and having the ability to fulfill them differentiates a professional from a novice. This ensures that they make the event a mega success by creating dishes, including finger food that is quite popular nowadays. Remember, preparing dishes for a wedding is a different ball game than preparing birthday party food.

Ability: Do not let the outlandish claims made by caterers on their websites and brochures mislead you. You should ensure that they deliver what they promise. If required request them to provide you with samples of their dishes and taste it yourself as well as by the members of your family to ensure that they are able to deliver the goods.

You can save money by ensuring that the culinary specialist you plan to hire specializes in event management too. Why spend more by hiring someone else for this job if the caterer can handle it? They might charge more but this works out cheaper than hiring another company for event management. More often than not, caterers have tie ups with other professionals and will hand over those job to other specialists, earn a commission, and share a percentage of that with you. Therefore, you can depend on this professional to arrange for floral decorations, DJs, photographers, videographers, rubbish removal, and much more.

Keep your eyes open and read the fine print thoroughly before hiring such a professional. On many occasions, they will offer a ridiculously low quote to secure the job, but charge extra for staff, transportation to and from the wedding venue, utensils required to prepare the food and serve it. On most occasions, they include these extras in fine print at the bottom of their quote, but most people, in their hurry to book a caterer at such low costs overlook these details. Ask the caterer to quote the exact sum, and mention that in their estimate. This prevents them from hoodwinking you. You might have to pay more for hiring a reputable caterer who specializes in preparing all types of food including party food and finger food, but you will not have to bother about paying inflated bills at the end of the day.

Wedding catering is an extremely competitive business and many companies often agree to slash their charges if you negotiate with them. You should stay away from them because you can rest assured that they will end up ruining your event. Professionals charge more but they have set standards and will always abide by them. They will ensure that they clean the place once the event is over and include the costs for this task along with their estimate. They will visit the venue before the event to inspect it and figure how to layout the tables so that your guests do not face any problem moving from one part of the venue to the other.

You should also check if the caterer has a valid license required to cater in your city. Apart from this, you should also check if they are covered by third party insurance. This ensures that you will not have to foot the bill if they damage the property where the event will be held, or if any of your guests is injured, directly or indirectly, due to the fault of the catering company. Make sure you confirm the payment and deduction details before hiring the caterer. They will charge an advance and will deduct money from that in case you cancel the event. Also, confirm whether they accept payment through credit cards as this can help you earn credit points. Due diligence from your end and a bit of research from your end goes a long way in ensuring that your guests savor the dishes and remember the event for a long time, without denting your bank balance.

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