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Things To Consider When Choosing Wedding Venues in Melbourne

By Laura, Apr 26 2017 03:32AM

Event planners need to be careful when picking a venue because it will have a profound influence on the outcome. Gather pertinent information from all of your options so that you can compare them. Make sure to include the following in your inquiries:

1. Available Dates

This is particularly important if you are trying to book a popular place as slots can quickly run out. Those who have decided on a fixed date may have to cross out a lot of venues because of scheduling, while those who are more flexible can try to work around the limitations.

2. Setup Time Allocation

Venues don't get ready in a snap. Setup often requires overnight decoration and this has to be stated in the contract. Make sure that you are given enough time to install all of your materials. The same should be true when packing up after the event.

3. Fees and Hidden Costs

You want to deal with a transparent venue hire Melbourne partner, especially when it comes to the costs. Find out what the advertised rates include. These may be the barebones cost with the fees for cleaning, liability, security, and other important elements being payable as add-ons. Beware as these can amount to a large amount.

4. Contact Persons

Planning an event is a long process and a lot of the plans can change along the way. You should have a dependable contact person who you can throw all your questions to and help you find solutions to any problems. This person should ideally be present on the day of the event itself.

5. Decoration Policies

Your creativity may run into some problems if everything is not sorted out early on. Be clear on what's permitted and what's barred from use in the premises. For instance, you may want to have a lot of lighted candles but the management bans any fire hazards. Clear this up right away.

6. Recommended Suppliers

If the venue is in a secluded location, then you might have trouble bringing materials over. Ask if there are any suppliers nearby that can provide the things that you need, as well as local talents who may be able to help.

7. Sound System

Familiarize yourself with the sound system. Is it good enough for a guest DJ to use? How will you be playing music? How loud can it get? Will bands have ample stage space to work with?

8. Privacy Measures

For big venues, an event may be limited to one section while the rest remains open to the public. Check how they will be able to maintain the privacy for the occasion and prevent party crashers.

9. Licensing Times

Be clear about the time when the event should be finished. Avoid abrupt endings and respect the schedule because another group might be using the venue after you.

10. Catering Company

Some places let people bring their own caterers but most will ask you to pick from a list of accredited businesses. Check their menus and their rates. Think about what your guests might like. Ask ahead for dietary restrictions so that you can prepare in advance.

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