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By Laura, Jan 13 2017 02:33AM

You should ensure that you only select the best caterer available within your budget. Statistics, based on research conducted on the third quarter of 2011 reveals that couples are spending an approximately $36,200 on weddings and that spend a major part of that sum on caterers.

Tips on selecting a caterer

Although you have a wide range of caterers to select from, you should ensure that they have the culinary knowledge required to prepare outstanding party food to make the special day memorable for your guests. The three basics that you should check for are experience, understanding, as well as ability.

Experience: Make sure that the caterer you choose has been in the field for a long time and has had catered for different types of events. The professional should be able to handle any problems professionally, as well have the foresight to detect them before they occur. A professional will use his experience to determine the approximate amount of food required depending on your invitee list, and prepare a bit more in case someone has more than normal diet.

Understanding: Creativity along with understanding the needs of the client and having the ability to fulfill them differentiates a professional from a novice. This ensures that they make the event a mega success by creating dishes, including finger food that is quite popular nowadays. Remember, preparing dishes for a wedding is a different ball game than preparing birthday party food.

Ability: Do not let the outlandish claims made by caterers on their websites and brochures mislead you. You should ensure that they deliver what they promise. If required request them to provide you with samples of their dishes and taste it yourself as well as by the members of your family to ensure that they are able to deliver the goods.

You can save money by ensuring that the culinary specialist you plan to hire specializes in event management too. Why spend more by hiring someone else for this job if the caterer can handle it? They might charge more but this works out cheaper than hiring another company for event management. More often than not, caterers have tie ups with other professionals and will hand over those job to other specialists, earn a commission, and share a percentage of that with you. Therefore, you can depend on this professional to arrange for floral decorations, DJs, photographers, videographers, rubbish removal, and much more.

Keep your eyes open and read the fine print thoroughly before hiring such a professional. On many occasions, they will offer a ridiculously low quote to secure the job, but charge extra for staff, transportation to and from the wedding venue, utensils required to prepare the food and serve it. On most occasions, they include these extras in fine print at the bottom of their quote, but most people, in their hurry to book a caterer at such low costs overlook these details. Ask the caterer to quote the exact sum, and mention that in their estimate. This prevents them from hoodwinking you. You might have to pay more for hiring a reputable caterer who specializes in preparing all types of food including party food and finger food, but you will not have to bother about paying inflated bills at the end of the day.

Wedding catering is an extremely competitive business and many companies often agree to slash their charges if you negotiate with them. You should stay away from them because you can rest assured that they will end up ruining your event. Professionals charge more but they have set standards and will always abide by them. They will ensure that they clean the place once the event is over and include the costs for this task along with their estimate. They will visit the venue before the event to inspect it and figure how to layout the tables so that your guests do not face any problem moving from one part of the venue to the other.

You should also check if the caterer has a valid license required to cater in your city. Apart from this, you should also check if they are covered by third party insurance. This ensures that you will not have to foot the bill if they damage the property where the event will be held, or if any of your guests is injured, directly or indirectly, due to the fault of the catering company. Make sure you confirm the payment and deduction details before hiring the caterer. They will charge an advance and will deduct money from that in case you cancel the event. Also, confirm whether they accept payment through credit cards as this can help you earn credit points. Due diligence from your end and a bit of research from your end goes a long way in ensuring that your guests savor the dishes and remember the event for a long time, without denting your bank balance.

By Laura, Oct 27 2016 04:38AM

Tie the Knot in the Most Amazing Wedding Site

So you're about to exchange vows with the love of your life, or maybe you know someone about to tie the know, do you want to celebrate the life-changing occasion on a run down nuclear power plant? Well, maybe you actually do so how do you get to find which place is just right to hold your wedding?

While there are only a few things more romantic than spending the rest of your life with your one true love, planning a wedding is not quite as romantic as the movies paint them out. In fact, it can be downright stressful from choosing the best wedding catering services to the discovering which wedding reception site is right. If it is not organized well, couples might start thinking about backing out entirely. So to help you out, we'll give you tried and true tips on finding the perfect wedding location.

Don't Underestimate the Power of A Beautiful Wedding Location

Why stress out on a stretch of space? Why is a wedding venue such a big deal? This is the site where you confirm your matrimonial vows, where you mark one of the most meaningful and memorable days with of your life, and this is where you legally become one with your significant other. Although anywhere is amazing as long as you are beside your loved one, there is certainly a wow factor if you spend the day with them in a charming location.

A great wedding venue keeps everyone comfortable--from the couple to the guests throughout the whole ceremony. You do not want to look back on your wedding day several years from now and just remember how uncomfortable the day was. If you're going create memories, you might as well make it a good one, right?

Tips on Finding the Perfect Wedding Destination

There are many wedding venues in Melbourne to choose from, so how do you pick which one is the best for you? Do you just place a map on your wall and start throwing darts, and wherever it falls on is where you hold the event? It could work but we won't guarantee that you'll love it, though. So to help you know how to pick the right event venue, we created a list to guide you through the process. These are just a few guaranteed tips in making location picking easier:

It Takes Two to Tango...or in This Case, Pick a Wedding Hall

Before you start calling an events coordinator, talk with your soon-to-be better half. Remember, the wedding is as much for you as it is for your partner. So, sit down with them and discuss what you want to see on your big day. This is to ensure that both couples are going to have the time of their lives on the day they tie the knot.

Perhaps you want a shabby chic vibe but your partner wants a rustic theme, so it would be better if earlier on you get the chance to compromise and find wedding ideas that suit you best. Ask each other on whether you want a grand ceremony or a small, intimate celebration. This will be a deciding on where you want to hold the celebration. You don't want t to be crammed up, and conversely, you don't want to waste space either.

Less is More? or the More the Merrier?

Have an estimate of the number of people you want to show on your wedding day. The larger the crowd, the bigger space you need. Most wedding locations have a limit on the number of guests they are willing to cater. So if you're eyeing on a certain location, make sure that you are able to cater to the number of people who will be attending.

Count the Cost

How much are you willing to invest for a ceremony which usually lasts 3 hours maximum? Some function venues and even catering services offer wedding packages which allow you to have the best halls and services at reasonable price. So make sure to check services which can help you stay on your budget without fearing for the quality.

Don't Lose Your Way

Whether you wish you to hold the nuptial service in a remote location or a public location, you don't want your guests, or God forbid! yourself, to get lost. Find a wedding spot which can be easily navigated by everyone, or where the directions can be easily understood and followed. Choose a wedding venue which can keep your party private without being hard to locate. It's one thing to come in fashionably late, it's entirely different when you come late because you got lost.

Save the Date

Settle on which date you want to hold the happy occasion. This is so you can know which season it will fall through. If you want to get married during the rainy season, you might want to re-consider having a garden wedding. But if you really wish to have an outdoor wedding during the rainy season, you can check for venues which provide sufficient shelter against the cold elements.

This also helps you book the wedding site in advance. Chances are, other couples are also eyeing the same location as you are. You don't want to miss out on the opportunity of getting married in your dream location.

Ask for Help in Finding an Amazing Wedding Spot

If you still are out of your depths in finding a great event area, looking for a wedding planner can you out a lot. Not only will they make the organizing process smoother, but they can also help you out with other elements such as where to find the best wedding catering services.

There are hundreds of cool wedding venue catering in Melbourne which also offer wedding packages, but only one will give you exact vibe you want to experience on your big day. So don’t skimp in researching for the best spot for your big day because you deserve a wedding as epic as your love story.

By Laura, Sep 13 2016 01:28AM

Have you considered having your wedding functions in the backyard of your home? Yes, really. Home-based events provide a certain level of intimacy that other venues cannot provide. Furthermore, you can save a lot of money. You don't have to have a skimpy wedding just because it's in your back yard, however. You can have a smashing or classy event. Just ask mom and dad to pay for at all! Alternatively, you can have a conservative wedding if that's your style. The beauty of saying your vows at home is that you can do it any which way you please.

Backyard Wedding Benefits

You're There Already

There is no traveling involved in a home wedding. You're already there.

Wed Any Time

You can pick any date that you so desire. You don't need to worry about possibly being declined for reservations by a popular revenue.

A Cozy Aura

The atmosphere will be very cozy between you and your guests. Formal events tend to be very stressed.

Extra Guest Time

You will be able to spend as much time with your guests as you want. You can end the party whenever you get ready to.

Family Connections

Do you have a cousin or aunt that you would love to see? You will at your backyard wedding!

Great Savings

The saving are the part of backyard wedding processes that you will love the most. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on another venue. You can use the money you have to hire the musicians and wedding caterers for the finger food. Those are the only two big expenses you will have. You can order mobile catering, party food or other catering options for weddings.

Planning Your Home Wedding

When you are planning the event, you will have to ask your self a few questions such as:

-How big is your kitchen, and can it accommodate the catering?

-Is your home big enough for an entire wedding?

-Does someone else have a home that may work better?

-Will you need to manage the temporature?

-Where will your guests be?

-Can you fit a marquee? Do you want a marquee?

-What will your guests do if it rains?

-Can you come up with a backdrop?

-Will your guests be able to dance?

-Do you have adequate lavatories or portable toilets?

-Can your guests park on the street?

-Does your place have noise rules? Whether you're in Melbourne or Ballarat there will be plenty of rules in place for noice levels.

Additional Tips

If you are going to plant something, make sure that you start your project six weeks before the wedding. Another thing you will want to do is avoid wetting the lawn. Stop doing so at least 48 hours before the wedding.

Outdoor Lighting

Develop a lighting plan for the outside. People are most likely to stay late.

Decorate Beforehand

You need to have all your items like your chairs, pot plans, tables and other things at your home the day before the event.

Clean Beforehand

Hire a maid service if you can. Have her clean the property the day before the event.

Pass Off Duties

Pass any stressful duties that you have on to someone else who is willing to take them and make sure you have a 'kick ass' celebrant! If you're a food however, you'll probably be concentrating on


Tell the neighbors when your wedding will be, and let them know that you need a certain amount of quietness before the event. Invite them!

Outsource and get other people to share some of the responsibilities.

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