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By Laura, Apr 26 2017 03:32AM

Event planners need to be careful when picking a venue because it will have a profound influence on the outcome. Gather pertinent information from all of your options so that you can compare them. Make sure to include the following in your inquiries:

1. Available Dates

This is particularly important if you are trying to book a popular place as slots can quickly run out. Those who have decided on a fixed date may have to cross out a lot of venues because of scheduling, while those who are more flexible can try to work around the limitations.

2. Setup Time Allocation

Venues don't get ready in a snap. Setup often requires overnight decoration and this has to be stated in the contract. Make sure that you are given enough time to install all of your materials. The same should be true when packing up after the event.

3. Fees and Hidden Costs

You want to deal with a transparent venue hire Melbourne partner, especially when it comes to the costs. Find out what the advertised rates include. These may be the barebones cost with the fees for cleaning, liability, security, and other important elements being payable as add-ons. Beware as these can amount to a large amount.

4. Contact Persons

Planning an event is a long process and a lot of the plans can change along the way. You should have a dependable contact person who you can throw all your questions to and help you find solutions to any problems. This person should ideally be present on the day of the event itself.

5. Decoration Policies

Your creativity may run into some problems if everything is not sorted out early on. Be clear on what's permitted and what's barred from use in the premises. For instance, you may want to have a lot of lighted candles but the management bans any fire hazards. Clear this up right away.

6. Recommended Suppliers

If the venue is in a secluded location, then you might have trouble bringing materials over. Ask if there are any suppliers nearby that can provide the things that you need, as well as local talents who may be able to help.

7. Sound System

Familiarize yourself with the sound system. Is it good enough for a guest DJ to use? How will you be playing music? How loud can it get? Will bands have ample stage space to work with?

8. Privacy Measures

For big venues, an event may be limited to one section while the rest remains open to the public. Check how they will be able to maintain the privacy for the occasion and prevent party crashers.

9. Licensing Times

Be clear about the time when the event should be finished. Avoid abrupt endings and respect the schedule because another group might be using the venue after you.

10. Catering Company

Some places let people bring their own caterers but most will ask you to pick from a list of accredited businesses. Check their menus and their rates. Think about what your guests might like. Ask ahead for dietary restrictions so that you can prepare in advance.

Click here to find: Wedding venues in Melbourne

By Laura, Oct 27 2016 04:38AM

Tie the Knot in the Most Amazing Wedding Site

So you're about to exchange vows with the love of your life, or maybe you know someone about to tie the know, do you want to celebrate the life-changing occasion on a run down nuclear power plant? Well, maybe you actually do so how do you get to find which place is just right to hold your wedding?

While there are only a few things more romantic than spending the rest of your life with your one true love, planning a wedding is not quite as romantic as the movies paint them out. In fact, it can be downright stressful from choosing the best wedding catering services to the discovering which wedding reception site is right. If it is not organized well, couples might start thinking about backing out entirely. So to help you out, we'll give you tried and true tips on finding the perfect wedding location.

Don't Underestimate the Power of A Beautiful Wedding Location

Why stress out on a stretch of space? Why is a wedding venue such a big deal? This is the site where you confirm your matrimonial vows, where you mark one of the most meaningful and memorable days with of your life, and this is where you legally become one with your significant other. Although anywhere is amazing as long as you are beside your loved one, there is certainly a wow factor if you spend the day with them in a charming location.

A great wedding venue keeps everyone comfortable--from the couple to the guests throughout the whole ceremony. You do not want to look back on your wedding day several years from now and just remember how uncomfortable the day was. If you're going create memories, you might as well make it a good one, right?

Tips on Finding the Perfect Wedding Destination

There are many wedding venues in Melbourne to choose from, so how do you pick which one is the best for you? Do you just place a map on your wall and start throwing darts, and wherever it falls on is where you hold the event? It could work but we won't guarantee that you'll love it, though. So to help you know how to pick the right event venue, we created a list to guide you through the process. These are just a few guaranteed tips in making location picking easier:

It Takes Two to Tango...or in This Case, Pick a Wedding Hall

Before you start calling an events coordinator, talk with your soon-to-be better half. Remember, the wedding is as much for you as it is for your partner. So, sit down with them and discuss what you want to see on your big day. This is to ensure that both couples are going to have the time of their lives on the day they tie the knot.

Perhaps you want a shabby chic vibe but your partner wants a rustic theme, so it would be better if earlier on you get the chance to compromise and find wedding ideas that suit you best. Ask each other on whether you want a grand ceremony or a small, intimate celebration. This will be a deciding on where you want to hold the celebration. You don't want t to be crammed up, and conversely, you don't want to waste space either.

Less is More? or the More the Merrier?

Have an estimate of the number of people you want to show on your wedding day. The larger the crowd, the bigger space you need. Most wedding locations have a limit on the number of guests they are willing to cater. So if you're eyeing on a certain location, make sure that you are able to cater to the number of people who will be attending.

Count the Cost

How much are you willing to invest for a ceremony which usually lasts 3 hours maximum? Some function venues and even catering services offer wedding packages which allow you to have the best halls and services at reasonable price. So make sure to check services which can help you stay on your budget without fearing for the quality.

Don't Lose Your Way

Whether you wish you to hold the nuptial service in a remote location or a public location, you don't want your guests, or God forbid! yourself, to get lost. Find a wedding spot which can be easily navigated by everyone, or where the directions can be easily understood and followed. Choose a wedding venue which can keep your party private without being hard to locate. It's one thing to come in fashionably late, it's entirely different when you come late because you got lost.

Save the Date

Settle on which date you want to hold the happy occasion. This is so you can know which season it will fall through. If you want to get married during the rainy season, you might want to re-consider having a garden wedding. But if you really wish to have an outdoor wedding during the rainy season, you can check for venues which provide sufficient shelter against the cold elements.

This also helps you book the wedding site in advance. Chances are, other couples are also eyeing the same location as you are. You don't want to miss out on the opportunity of getting married in your dream location.

Ask for Help in Finding an Amazing Wedding Spot

If you still are out of your depths in finding a great event area, looking for a wedding planner can you out a lot. Not only will they make the organizing process smoother, but they can also help you out with other elements such as where to find the best wedding catering services.

There are hundreds of cool wedding venue catering in Melbourne which also offer wedding packages, but only one will give you exact vibe you want to experience on your big day. So don’t skimp in researching for the best spot for your big day because you deserve a wedding as epic as your love story.

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