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Laura Bijous Makeup Philosophy

Anyone can find a professional makeup artist. But, a skilled makeup Melbourne, Australia professional should consider the specific needs of all types of clients, with a broad range of needs in getting a professional makeover. Both men and women have needs for a professional makeup artist, for a variety of reasons or occasions. No matter what the occasion, a compassionate, caring artist can make the client feel special and provide services aimed toward to please the individual.


Make up is meant to enhance a person's natural beauty, not hide it. This requires a professional approach that considers each client's situation and profile. Some people want to feel glamorous and want to portray that image. Others want to make their best features stand out on a daily basis. Regardless of the reason for seeking the services of a makeup artist, the professional should understand what the client wants, by asking appropriate questions and getting a feel for the person's lifestyle and philosophy.


Many clients are apprehensive about getting a makeover or a new look with make up. Making clients feel comfortable, by answering questions accurately and explaining all the options in the kind of make up that can be done will help alleviate many hesitations. In other instances, clients are hesitant, because they don't know if they can maintain the look on a regular basis.


An experienced, understanding makeup professional knows how to help people, by showing them some basic tips for applying makeup every time they want. Patience and excellent communications skills are required, to help customers feel at ease with the services provided. Some people have little to no experience working with a professional make up artist. They need reassurance, some ideas on what types of looks they can achieve, and a person who will explain the step by step process with a makeover. This is particularly important for those clients seeking makeup services for the first time.


Clients seeking makeover services want value for their money. They also expect skilled services that address the concerns they have. A professional MUA with a reputation for delivering, can give customers the value they expect. Understanding the unique needs of each client, addressing any concerns they have, and explaining options are the key characteristics that bring value to the services of a makeup artist. It takes more than a friendly smile to earn a reputation as a highly requested makeup Melbourne professional.


Cleanliness is important in the make up and makeover business. Keeping brushes, styling tools, appliances, and surfaces clean and germ free is important in the makeup business. Clients want to feel comfortable and safe, particularly when services are provided by a mobile makeup artist.


Clean tools and supplies make a good impression. But, with today's super bugs, client health and safety is a huge concern. Clean and appropriately disinfected tools help prevent the spread of organisms that can negatively affect the clients' health. They also help the professional stay organized, to work efficiently and effectively, giving clients the makeovers they expect.


Environmental issues are a concern for many people. Providing makeup and makeover services from an ethical perspective requires consideration for the products used, and recommended to clients. It is imperative to use makeup brands and products that are not tested on animals. Cruelty-free products fit the ethical standards of the artist, and the standards of many clients.


Aside from using cruelty free makeup products, skin sensitivity is another consideration. Make up brands designed for sensitive skin help the makeup artist avoid unexpected situations with clients. Many products, even those that are natural, or plant based, have the potential to cause skin irritation. Using hypo-allergenic make up products or those designed for sensitive skin help ensure clients will avoid problems with rashes, redness, or irritation. Knowing the make up products are made for sensitive skin helps alleviate concerns clients may have about wearing makeup. With the right products, the artist can make proper recommendations to clients, on the products they can purchase to use at home.


A mobile make up artist that goes the extra mile, to provide the best service possible, will gain a reputation as a reliable and skilled professional. Offering lessons on selecting the right make up, requires an understanding of color and skin tone. Being able to explain the application process to clients, is another necessary skill. Both men and women need to know how to apply makeup when artist is not available.  


Offering make up tips and lessons on makeup application is one way to help clients achieve greater satisfaction with services. But, being able to provide fashion tips is an added benefit that gives clients a total package. Makeup can help a person achieve a new look. But, the right style helps to complete the desired look and unify the makeover process. An artist that can contribute to a total reformation or an updated fashion gives clients what they expect and more, improving overall satisfaction with the make up services and developing more personalized relationships.

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