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You want to flow through your busy Melbourne days and nights looking  polished without looking overdone. Fresh, current, and energetic are the key components of Melbourne's style, so you don't want to waste a lot of time applying make up using outdated makeup techniques with an unsteady hand.


Well relax, because there's a makeup artist in Melbourne that can show you how to look smashing. Laura the glamorous makeup artist can teach you the techniques used by the best professionals for film and photoshoot makeup jobs, scaled back for everyday wear. In Melbourne, the easiest way to learn these techniques is to hire a mobile makeup artist to come and teach you how.


Let's look at some of the insider make up knowledge that a makeup artist will show you in person.


Base: The Foundation of Your Face


Unlike the foundation of yesteryear, modern foundation---also known as base--- feels light and allows your skin to breathe. It's easy to apply once a make-up artist shows you the right technique.


However, before you worry about the application, you must think about the colour.  The biggest problem that most modern women have with foundation is not that it stifles the skin or is hard to apply, but that they don't know how to choose the right colour for their skin. This problem occurs among women of all backgrounds. It occurs with men who wear make up, too, from male models to regular men who feel their skin needs more of a boost.


As a Melbourne make up artist Laura can help you find the right colour by testing the foundation on your jawline while in natural light. Natural light will clearly reveal if the colour disappears into your skin without blending (which is what you want to happen). When Laura Bijou finds a shade that does that, then you've found the shade you need to stock up on.


Next, Laura Bijou will do the following:


*Clean and moisturize your skin, waiting about five to ten minutes before applying foundation.

*Apply primer if the foundation needs to last for an extended period of time, such as an after work party.

*Decide how much coverage you need, which determines how to apply the foundation. A good tip to keep in mind when doing your own foundation: For minimal coverage, using the fingers works well. For heavier coverage, a sponge works better. For day events like work, just apply foundation to areas that really need it, such as blemishes or red splotches. For a more polished nighttime look, blend the foundation all over your face. Keep in mind that even though you are covering more of your face, there's no need to pile on extra foundation to look good. Cover more area instead of using more foundation.

*Apply a concealer if you need one. Most people do. The rule here is to choose a concealer one shade lighter than your skin so as not to look fake. Make sure to blend well. Also, the best bet for day to day concealer is liquid concealer. Just dab it on with a small pointy brush on the darkest part of the circle. You can also dab concealer on areas where the foundation needs assistance.

*Powder your face with a lightweight powder to pull, everything together , dull any tacky shine, and to give your face a luminescent glow.


Contouring and Highlighting


The next step in making your features pop is to determine the shape of your face, then to contour and highlight it.


More than likely, your face falls into one of these shape categories:









You need a contour color that is two shades darker than your foundation and with the same undertone, plus a highlight color that needs to be one or two shades lighter than your foundation, with the same undertone.


Now, there is one exception to contouring and highlighting and that is the oval face shape. It usually needs no contouring or highlighting on a daily basis, though oval faces can withstand experimentation with contouring and highlighting in film and photoshoot makeup better than other shapes. That's because the oval face is already balanced.


For other facial shapes, these are the standard contouring and highlighting procedures a makeup artist melbourne uses:


*Diamond Shape Face: Minimize facial width by contouring the cheeks. Then, highlight the forehead, underneath the eyes, and the center of the chin. This focuses attention on the center of the diamond shaped face to create a balanced look.

*Heart Shaped Face: Contour the temples and cheeks. This will decrease the width of the upper face. Highlight the forehead, underneath the eyes, and the center of the chin for balance.

*Oblong Shape Face: Contour the lower part of the chin to help shorten the face. Apply blush to the middle of each cheek to help round out the face.

*Round Face Shape: Contour the temples, the center of the cheeks, and the lower jaw line to create a slimmer face, more like an oval. Highlight the center of the forehead and chin for balance.

*Square Shaped Face: Contour each side of the forehead, as well as each side of the jaw. Blend the jaw contours up to each ear. Highlight the forehead, underneath the eyes, and the center of the chin for balance.


A session with your local makeup artist can show you how to accomplish these techniques according to your face shape.


Make the Eyes Pop, and the Eyes Will Have It


If you don't already own an eyelash curler, you need to invest in one. This easy-to-use tool is one of the best ways to make your eyes pop, and it's a standard tool for film and photoshoot makeup.


Using one is easing, and your makeup artist Laura can show you how: Simply cover your upper eyelashes with the curler, placing the curler at the base of your eyelashes. Don't panic; don't pull. Simply squeeze and release after about five seconds. Any longer, and you run the risk of causing a crimping effect rather than a curling one. Then you add a basic brown or black mascara.


Another important tool is liner. Liner can work to make the eyes bigger or more sleek, depending on factors like the color of the liner, the shape of your eye and face, or whether you leave the bottom of your eye liner-free while lining the top, for an ingenue look. All of that depends on your mood, the style you need for the day, and your personal preference.


Your make up artist knows how to create a myriad of stunning effects using everyday eye make up tools, which is another reason hiring a mobile makeup artist turns out to be such a great investment for the future you.


Luscious Lips


A luscious mouth looks super sexy and inviting. It also helps balance out your face and gives your face energy and charisma.


Keep in mind that the mouth can really change how the rest of your face appears depending on what color you use on it, and whether you decide to go matte or shiny. Lip make up establishes a mood just a much as eye make up.


For instance, if you go for darker colors that appear strong, make sure to apply the lipstick in a way that doesn't age your mouth or make you look too harsh. And if you have strong eye make up, it may be hard for people looking at you to know where to look if you've paired that strong eye make up with a strong lipstick. A mobile makeup artist can teach you how to put everything together in a way that works.


A Polished Look


So go ahead and hire Laura Bijou, the best mobile makeup artist you'll find. It's easy to do, and will give you the model makeup style that gets you recognized as a true Melbourne beauty.

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